If I could create the holodeck, I would. Then a person could create any environment imaginable and experience it. Learn physics from a buzzed, jovial Einstein. Study wolves prey attacking strategies with David Attenborough. Shrink into the size of DNA basepair and take a Ms. Frizzle Magic School bus-esk exploration of the gene that codes your eye color; it would be curiosity’s dream.

That would be totes awesome. Too bad todays technology (even far future) doesn’t have that computational and physical capacity. However! There is still hope, with a duller and lamer version of virtual and augmented reality and online video. These technologies are serviceable 2nd choices, especially with the potential of virtual reality.

I could spend my time by creating my own VR DNA module, or illustrative youtube videos explaining concepts. However before that, I would first like to create a platform to organize and connects all the other digital educational products. As time move forwards, there are going to be more and better digital educational products and I would like to quickly query the best ones. Finally, once I experience a digital service it is archived into my portfolio.

So what you have in 5 years from now is; a person satisfying their curiosity with digital accessible, lucid, veracious and compelling information. Will this replace the traditional physical lecture hall? Probably not. What will be the breakdown of how a person education intake? 95% - 5%: digital vs physical. 75%-25%? Who knows. But I got a feeling when curiosity’s whim strikes, we google it, or grab our HTC Vive to explore it.